Friday 20th March

Friday 24th April

10.30 -1.00

Introduction to Furniture Painting


Friday 6th March

Friday 3rd April

Friday 1st May

10.30 - 3.00

Paint Your Own Piece

Monday 9th March

Monday 27th April

Monday 4th May

10.30 - 1.00

Lampshade Making

Make a Drum Shade

The Fusion 101 beginners workshop will introduce you to Fusion Mineral Paint - a 100% acrylic paint which assures a quality finish and adheres to surfaces with a gorgeous smooth satin finish.

The workshop will take you through the 3 essential steps for a flawless professional finish and will also explore 2 different types of decorative finishing options.

All paints and materials will be provided.

Maximum of 6 participants.

This workshop is suitable for those who have already painted furniture and will like tips to get a professional finish on a chosen piece of furniture.

The price includes paint in a pre ordered colour. Proposed pieces must be discussed before the workshop and some pre prep may be required depending on the piece.

Maxiimum of 4 participants

A simple drum lampshade can transform a space.  Learn the techniques required to make a professional shade to hang from a ceiling pendant or a table lamp base.  

Lampshade frames will be provided and you can buy fabric from a selection on sale at the workshop.

Maximum of 6 participants

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